About Dan Getz

Dan was born in 1969, in Framingham, Massachusetts, the youngest of four boys – Michael, Ken, Ron and Dan. With 10 years between Michael and himself, Dan was the baby of the family. Childhood was lively – a supportive home, parents and brothers who cared for each other and where sticking together as family was most important. These values stuck with Dan, who until his untimely death at the age of 37 was a devoted son, calling his parents whenever he was on the road, to say hello, to see how they were, and to say “I love you.”

In 1987, Dan was the last of the four boys to leave home for college, and it took him a while to find his path. Beginning at Babson Business School in Massachusetts… then leaving for six months to build docks in Rhode Island… then off to Israel, where he worked on a military outpost in the Negev desert working on the front ends of trucks – something he learned how to do a bit from his father. Finally, in 1989, he returned home to the US, and transferred to the University of Rhode Island where he found his true passion – Indonesia and Southeast Asian studies. He spent a summer at Cornell University studying Indonesian language in depth, and graduated from URI with a degree in Linguistics and Southeast Asian Studies.

But Dan finally found himself… he really “came home” when after college he traveled to Indonesia – studying at University there, using his fluent Indonesian to teach English to Indonesian graduate students who were preparing to come to the States. During this time Dan worked as a journalist for Indonesian Business Weekly news magazine. As luck – or fate – would have it, an Indonesian professor of Dan’s at Cornell had a beautiful niece living in Jakarta, Lidia. The two were introduced, they dated for a year, and they were married in November of 1993. Their daughter, Nova, was born the following November. Dan made friends easily, and his time in Indonesia was wonderful – Lidia said he fit into Indonesian culture and society even better than most Indonesians.

In 1996, Dan, Lidia and Nova returned to the States. And in 2000, their family grew to include their second daughter, Sonia. After settling for a short time in Rhode Island, they moved to Washington DC, and then Maryland. For many years Dan worked at USINDO – the US Indonesian Society – organizing trade missions and accompanying US dignitaries there. It was important to Dan that he make a difference in the world and feel that that his work mattered, and indeed it did. In 2002, Dan took his expertise of Indonesia and the politics of the region to work as a Congressional Aide at the U.S. House of Representatives where he served as a professional staff member in the office of Congressman Dan Burton, in the Foreign Affairs Committee on Government Reform. He was happy living in Maryland and being able to avail himself of Washington DC’s great cultural opportunities. He loved the “action “on the hill and his work for Representative Burton gave him the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful and rewarding way. And until his death on July 28, 2006, Dan was making a difference in the world.

Although Dan’s life was too brief, he was fortunate to have achieved contentment and success within his allotted time. He left a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, and a loving family. We all take comfort in the knowledge that Dan’s 37 years were well spent.

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Ricki Getz (Dan’s mother), August 18, 2006
with portions excerpted from a eulogy delivered on July 30, 2006
by Cantor Rosalie Boxt, Temple Emanuel, Kensington, Maryland